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In late August 1970. shortly after the release of their album "A Question Of Balance", the Moody Blues took to the stage of the Isle Of Wight Festival in front of an audience estimated at over half a million. The band were at their creative and commercial peak after a succession of albums that had enjoyed unprecedented global success. This film from award winning director Murray Lerner combines the band's live performance from the 1970 festival with archive footage and new interviews with Graeme Edge, Justin Hayward, John Lodge and Mike Pinder setting the band's performance in the context of the time. Track List: 01. Gypsy02. Tuesday Afternoon03. Never Comes The Day04. Tortoise And The Hare05. Questions06. The Sunset07. Melancholy Man08. Nights In White Satin09. Legend Of A Mind10. Encore: Ride My See Saw

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