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The principles behind Thrive came together in a commencement speech that Arianna Huffington gave to the graduating women at Smith College in the spring of 2013. The speech touched a nerve and was quickly followed by a major conference featuring Mika Brzezinski, Katie Couric, Candice Bergen, Dean Ornish, Valerie Jarrett, Alina Tugend, George Stephanopoulos, Jeff Skoll, John Mackey, Jill Abramson, and many others. The goal of the conference, which received international attention and acclaim, was to look beyond money and power to put forth a third metric in women's (and men's) lives. That third metric includes our health and well-being, our wisdom and sense of fulfillment, and our capacity to wonder and to give back. The way we currently define success leads to burnout, overwork, lack of sleep, and being hyperconnected to technology 24/7, to the detriment of our relationships, our families, our health, and even our careers. Our current definition of success is, as Arianna shows, literally killing us. It is unsustainable for women, for men, for our communities, our nation and our planet. The science is clear on the many ways we can reclaim our well-being and our lives. There is more to living a successful life than just achieving short-term career milestones and a corner office. Thrive is a comprehensive look at how America's pursuit of happiness has gotten off track and a roadmap for the way forward.
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