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It’s important to learn about the U.S. presidents, but it’s even better to have fun while doing it. Have Fun with the Presidents is filled with activities, recipes, games, puzzles, profiles, quotes, and fascinating facts, about all 42 American presidents, from George Washington to George W. Bush. You will learn all kinds of interesting things about the presidents, their families, and the times in which they lived, but this is much more than just a book of facts. The games and activities in Have Fun with the Presidents will give you a better understanding of each president’s important contributions, interesting hobbies, and unique personality. In Have Fun with the Presidents you will learn that Herbert Hoover and his wife spoke Chinese in the White House as a way of maintaining their privacy Dwight Eisenhower was an enthusiastic cook who loved grilling on the roof of the White House Two of Theodore Roosevelt’s sons managed to sneak a pony into a White House elevator so they could take it to their sick brother’s bedroom George H.W. Bush hated broccoli so much he had it banned from the White House kitchen And much more!

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