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This is the first book survey the glories of New York's interior landmarks with carefully researched text and splendid new color photography. Located throughout the five boroughs of the city, the landmarked interiors include banks, theaters, office building lobbies, restaurants, libraries, civic and educational facilities, and more. Some are widely known and celebrated--Radio City Music Hall, the Great Hall at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Grand Central Station-- while others, like Loews Paradise Theater and the City Hall subway station, are virtually unknown. Forty-six of the 117 landmarked interiors are presented, with a description of the original construction and architectural style and commentary on exceptional design, materials, and architectural details that warrant preservation. Recent restoration efforts and current use of the buildings are also included, making the book a valuable resource and reference work. A catalogue of all 117 interior landmarks, with names of their architects and locations, is also included.
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